Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Coma awakenings (pt 2)

As I wrote yesterday, God tailor-makes every miracle and His timing is always perfect. 

For my parents, the decision to accept Jesus didn’t boil down to just a question of God’s ability to heal and save.  They also needed to realize that He was a God who cares about Chinese people too.  Up to that point in time, as far as they were concerned, Christianity was purely a Western religion.  To their thinking Christians had good morals and values but at the end of the day, “The Chinese have their own religion and the Westerners have theirs.  It’s Chinese culture and Western culture.”  This is still a common attitude in China today, even among some believers.

During the first few weeks that my brother was in the coma, my parents had a visitor.  She was a young lady from San Francisco.  A complete stranger to our family, she was welcomed into my parents’ home on the recommendation of a friend. 

This young lady just happened to be visiting Canada.  She had been invited by a church to share her story, and it was this:  She had been in a coma.  Her coma had lasted for 18 days.  After trying everything they could to help her, the doctors had exhausted their options.  So they endeavored to persuade her mother to pull the plug on her daughter.  They said she could not lie indefinitely in a coma. 

The mother would not give up on her daughter though.  While resisting the pressure from the doctors, she prayed and pleaded with God to save her child.  Ultimately the mother received an answer to her prayers.  Her child awoke and, contrary to expectation, recovered and went on to live her life. 

The fact of this lady’s presence in their living room was an encouragement to my parents to hope in Jesus:  Here was indisputable evidence and proof of someone He had healed and raised from a coma.  They could see for themselves she was alive and well.  She was breathing, drinking tea and talking with them like any other normal person.  On top of that, this coma survivor was Chinese.  She conversed in Cantonese! 

The young lady also gave my parents her mother’s testimony, which had been written in Chinese.  The mother’s story prompted a challenge within.  Dad and Mom could not deny it was the parent’s faith that helped bring about her daughter’s remarkable healing.  And how could they persist in thinking that Jesus only cared about Westerners?  They couldn’t say that anymore either.

The timing of this lady’s visit to my parents’ house could not have been more ideal.  It was truly the grace of God. 

As Peter says in Acts, “God shows no favoritism.  In every nation he accepts those who fear him and do what is right.”

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